Hiring A Make-up Artist For Your Wedding

Today I came across a great blog post courtesy of Julie Fischer MUA, on hiring a MUA for your wedding day. This may help any of those who aren't really sure of what a MUA should be doing for you on your wedding day.

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Simple… Your Wedding Day is THE most photographed day of your Life & you don’t want to chance looking Shiny or Blotchy!

Here are Some Reasons to Consider Hiring a Pro for Your Big Day!

  • A Professional Makeup Artist (MUA) knows all to well that applying makeup that will be photographed is MUCH different than applying makeup for day-today wear, you don’t want to look washed out. A professional not only takes into consideration your skin tone, hair & eye color, but also your dress, bridesmaids dresses and lighting.
  • Artists use professional products that are designed to last for hours under hot lights and in all weather conditions. All Professional Makeup Artists should have brands like MAC and Smashbox & Chanel and use them on their clients.
  • Professionals know you need everyone in the bridal party to stay with your color schemes, so your photos come out stunning! Mixed & matched makeup looks strange together in photos, so it is important to have all the bridal party in the same or similar color schemes.
  • A Makeup Artist makes a bride feel pampered on their special day with someone who’s attention is squarely on them & their needs.
  • Most importantly you should look like you, but more enhanced. That means you need more makeup than you normally wear so it will show up on camera.
  • Many Makeup Artists typically offer a discount with a large wedding party or offer a special discount for the bride when she has a group of people who need services that day.
  • Freelance Makeup Artists have the ability to travel to your location. This saves you the time, trouble & stress of getting to a salon. A professional makeup artist can also stay with you throughout your wedding day to be available for any touch ups for an additional fee.

So Brides-to-be, hire a pro Makeup Artist. Remember to look at their portfolio and most importantly, do a trial run. You want to look amazing in person AND on camera. Some artists will even take pics at the trial & email them to you in Color and Black & White!

So hiring a Professional Makeup Artist will be a true asset. Your photographs and video will be a constant reminder of money well spent!



- See more at: http://www.madeyablush.com/2011/08/why-hire-a-pro-for-your-big-day/#sthash.3mswIwFD.O7u6vYPT.dpuf





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